International Business Consultant


Dr Anthony White has become the go to person on a global level when it come to finding solutions to your organization. Regardless of the industry His approach to providing you with a service that is customized to catapult you to the front of your industry. The resources that He brings to the table will expose to you unlimited possibilities. Several countries and continents have experienced amazing results working with Him.

Coaching The Executive Within


Dr Anthony believes that there is an executive with everyone of us waiting to be revealed. Regardless of the your current position there is an  EXECUTIVE within you that is anticipating the opportunity of being released. From Domestic engineers (stay at home husbands or wives) to corporate moguls all have there lives changed through a unique tailored made to you and your needs.  

Motivational / Inspirational Speaking


For over 30 years Dr Anthony White has used his voice to speak prophetically to your possibilities. Dr. Anthony White's purpose is to introduce you to your purpose. Using  his original quotes, humor and short stories will not only inspire you but also empower you to tap into your unlimited gifts waiting to be revealed.